About REFLEX Watch

What Is The REFLEX Watch?

The REFLEX  is a silicon LED slap bracelet style watch that lights up time and date display with the touch of a button. In 2012, Reflex was created for those seeking a lightweight, comfortable alternative watch that made no concessions in style, function or ease of use. With an impressive array of color options the REFLEX transitions from all your daily activities whenever and wherever you need to tell time. 

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REFLEX Watch Features

The REFLEX Watch tells the time and date and is stylistically and functionally versatile from the sports club to the night club, from beach side to Pool side or the fresh slopes. Put it on and play as hard as you want without worry.

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REFLEX is now retailing globally at

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Corporate Recognition

Also available with custom colors and logography, the REFLEX Watch offers a great opportunity for corporate recognition, and memorabilia for major sporting events and teams, luxury lifestyle brands, and major international events of all kinds where a recognizable memento is desired. Recently our limited edition Audi line is available and can be purchased by contacting us directly.

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Audi Edition Reflex Watch